Scotty Greenwood

Speaker. Moderator. Strategist.

Maryscott “Scotty” Greenwood is a former American diplomat to Canada who is a Crestview Strategy Partner and the Managing Director of the U.S. practice in Washington, D.C. Scotty is also the chief executive officer of the Canadian American Business Council.


For the past two decades, Scotty has also served as a compelling public speaker, an effective panel moderator and an insightful media commentator on a range of issues from US politics, to Canada/US relations and the future of free trade agreements in the world.

What others say about Scotty

Scotty has unique insight and a clear POV about what is happening behind the scenes in Washington and Ottawa on key issues that impact the Canada/US relationship. As an engaging speaker she brings her audience - in large and small settings alike - into the conversation in a thoughtful and impactful way. Seeing Scotty in action as moderator and commentator on national networks is to watch a seasoned, measured and creative mind at work who provides clarity to sometimes complicated issues and she does it with humour and sophistication.

Farah Mohamed

CEO, Malala Fund

Scotty Greenwood is a force of nature and someone I feel quite privileged to work with as part of the CABC community. As you would expect from her background she is skilled at diplomacy, negotiation and trade. What you may not know is she also has an extremely sharp business mind with the ability to rapidly consume information and transform it into actionable intelligence. Finally, as a result of her amazing ability to communicate and tireless work ethic she has a network that crosses political boundaries, vertical industries and international borders. It's a pleasure to work with Scotty and I recommend to anyone who gets the chance to engage with Scotty as it will be more that worth your time.

Scotty brings experience, energy and insight to every event. Whether as a keynote speaker, master of ceremonies, panel moderator or participant in a fireside chat, she adds life to the conversation and draws the best from her fellow participants. I have seen and worked with Scotty in a number of public and private events and she can be relied upon to be prepared, professional and engaging

Colin McKay

Public Policy Strategist & Communicator

Gabe Batstone

CEO, Contextere

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